Restaurant in London serving Halal Lebanese cuisine, Shisha, Wine Bar


 (V) = Vegetarian

(N) = Contain nuts




    1-Hummus (V) Pureed chickpeas with sesame paste & lemon, garnished with olive oil & parsley               £5.75


   2-Hummus Beiruti (V) Hummus seasoned with hot chilli pepper                                                                  £ 5.75


   3-Kibbeh Naya: raw lamb

       Pureed Raw lamb mixed with crushed wheat and spices, served with olive oil and fresh onion                 £ 8.75


   4-Baba Ghanouch (V) Mutabel (V) Grilled Aubergine with sesame paste and lemon juice                           £ 6.75


   5-Tabbouleh (V) Parsley salad, Tomatoes, onion, mint, crushed wheat; lemon juice and olive oil                  £ 6.75


   6- Warak Ineb (V) Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, onion, herbs and spices                                          £ 5.95


   7-Fattoush Salad (V) Mixed salad with herbs, crispy Lebanese bread, vinegar and touch of garlic                 £ 5.75


   8-Mousakaat Batinjan (V) Fried aubergine with chick peas, onion tomatoes, garlic and spices                      £6.50


   9-Loubieh Bel Zeit: (V) French Green beans cooked in olive oil, tomato, onion and garlic                              £ 5.95


   10- Lebnah: (V) Strained yogurt with dried mint and olive oil                                                                            £ 5.75


   11- Shankleesh: Lebanese cheese salad (V)                                                                                                 £ 5.95


   12-Salatit Al Rahib: (V) Smoked aubergine, green pepper, tomatoes, spring onion and garlic                       £ 6.95


   13-batrakh Delectable smoked fish with olive and hint of garlic                                                                       £ 9.50


   14-Cucumber & yogurt salad (V) Yogurt with freshly sliced cucumber mixed with dried mint                        £ 4.75


   15-Basturma Highly seasoned, air-dried cured smoked beef                                                                           £ 8.25


   16-Makdous (V) (N) Pickled baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts & marinated in spices                               £ 5.75


   17-Muhammara: (V)(N)Crushed mixed nuts, hot spices with olive oil and topped with pine nut                     £ 7.75








     18-Hummus Kawarma   Hummus topped with Fried diced lamb and pine nuts                                          £ 7.75


     19-Mujaddara Bel Zeit (V)(N)Lentil, Crushed wheat, onions, cooked with spices and olive oil                   £ 5.95


     20-Batata Harra (V) Diced potatoes, cooked in olive oil with garlic, coriander, pepper & chilli                     £ 5.95


     21-Kibbeh Maklieh (N) Crushed wheat mixed with minced lamb, stuffed with lamb, onion & walnuts        £ 5.75


     22-Arayes Minced lamb, parsley, onion and spices, baked on lebanese bread                                            £ 6.75


     23-Khallej Bil Jibneh (V) Halloumi Cheese baked on L/bread, topped with dried mint                                £6.75


   23A- Halloumi cheese (V) chargrilled                                                                                                            £ 6.75


    24-Fatayer (V) Small parties stuffed spinach, onion, pomegranate and pine nuts                                           £ 5.50


     25- Sambousek cheese  (V) Pastry stuffed with Cheese and parsley                                                             £ 5.75


    26- Sambousek Lamb (N) mini Pastry stuffed with minced lamb, parsley & pine nuts                                     £ 5.75


    27-Foul Mudames (V) Boiled broad beans with lemon and garlic topped with olive oil                                    £ 5.50


    28-Falafel (V) Deep fried balls of ground chickpeas, broad beans, herbs & spices, served with Tahine          £ 5.25


    29-Sawdat Dajaj Fried Chicken Liver, with lemon juice, pomegranate juice &spices                                        £ 6.50


    30-Soujouk Armenian Lamb sausages, baked in tomatoes cause and slices of garlic                                      £ 6.50

    31-Makanik Ghanam(N) Fried small Lebanese sausages, with pine nuts                                                       £ 5.95


    32-Fotor Maklee: (N) Fried mushrooms with diced lamb onion and pine nuts                                                  £ 5.95


     33-Char Grilled Chicken Wings:  marinated in lemon, Char grilled and served with garlic sauce                 £ 6.75


     34-Hummus Shawarma Hummus topped with lamb shawarma                                                                      £ 7.75


     35-Manakish Bel Zaatar Lebanese Pizza topped with thyme, herbs and olive oil                                          £ 5.50


     36. Manakish bel Jebna Lebanese pizza topped with thyme, herbs and olive oil                                         £ 6.75


     37-Arayes Nouf  Chargrilled small minced lamb mixed with onion parsley & spices in lebanese bread         £ 6.75



   38-Lentil Soup (V)     £ 5.95

   39-Chicken soup         £ 5.95

   40-Vegetable soup (V) £5.95








CHARCOAL GRILL                              



  41-Farrouj Msahab: Boneless and marinated baby chicken charcoal grilled served with garlic sauce (optional)             £ 14.75


  42-Shish Tawouk: marinated chicken in garlic & herbs and char grilled                                                                            £ 13.75




  43-Lamb Kafta, Char grilled Skewers of minced lamb mixed with parsley and onion                                                        £ 13.50


 44-Kafta Kheshkhash, Charcoaled Skewers of minced lamb, topped with hot spicy tomato sauce and herbs                 £ 13.95


  45-Mixed Grill, Selection of 3 skewers of lamb Cubes, lamb kafta and chicken shish Tawouk                                        £ 16.75


  46-Castalia Ghanam: lamb cutlets marinated and Char grilled                                                                                        £ 14.75


 47-Kafta Yogurtia (N), Char Grilled lamb Kafta & crispy bread covered with garlic and yogurt sauce then oven baked   £ 14.95


  48-Lahim Mishwi, Lamb cubes marinated and charcoal grilled                                                                                          £ 14.50


  49-Kafta Korfaliya, Charcoals grilled minced lamb cooked with tomato                                                                              £ 14.25


  50-Kibbi Istanboulieh, Skewers of minced lamb mixed with cracked wheat and nuts, charcoal grilled                              £ 14.50



Fish and Sea Food


  51-Dover Sole, Char Grilled or fried                                                                                                     £ 21.00


  52-Sea Bass, Char Grilled Sea Bass topped with tahina sauce or olive oil                                        £ 21.75


  53-King Prawn Char grilled or fried marinated in lemon, coriander & garlic                                       £ 22.25




  54-Vegetables: Char Grilled mixed Vegetables Plate                                                                         £ 12.75




  55-Kafta Tarator (Lamb) (N), Oven baked kafta, topped with Tahine (sesame sauce)                                                   £ 14.95


  56-Kebbeh Bessanieh (NOven baked mince lamb & crushed wheat, stuffed with mince lamb, onion & pine nuts      £ 14.95


  57-Smaka Harrah, Oven baked sea bass in spices herbs and tomato sauce                                                                   £ 21.75


  58-Kharouf Mihshi, Very tender Roasted Lamb Shank served with vermicelli rice                                                           £ 17.50


Nouf Specials


  59-Chicken Shawarma, Shredded chicken marinated overnight in garlic and vinegar and herbs                                         £ 13.75


 60-Lamb Shawarma plate, Shredded lamb marinated overnight with garlic, vinegar & herbs                                               £ 13.50


  61-Kibbeh Bel Laben: (N) Balls of Pureed lamb mixed with Crushed wheat stuffed with lamb, onion and                           £ 14.75

                                              Walnuts cooked with yogurt & served with vermicelli rice


  62-Kafta Daoud Basha (N), Lamb meatball mixed with parsley, cooked in tomato sauce & served with vermicelli rice       £13.50


  63-Bamiyeh with Lamb and vermicelli rice: Okra cooked with lamb and tomato, served with vermicelli rice                      £14.75


  64-Loubiyeh with Lamb and vermicelli Rice: Green beans cooked with lamb and tomato, served with vermicelli rice        £13.75                                                                                                                 

  65-Bamiah: Ladies fingers (V)  Okra cooked in tomato sauce garlic and onion, served with vermicelli rice                                    £ 13.75

  66-Mosaka Bel Zeit: (V)  Aubergine cooked with chickpeas, sauté onion in tomatoes sauce, garlic and spices served with rice     £ 13.95                                                                                             

  67-Loubieh Bel Zeit: (V) French Green beans cooked in olive oil, tomato, onion and garlic served with rice                                    £ 12.75                                                                                       






  68-Plain Rice (V)                                      £ 4.25


  69-Vermicelli rice: (V)                             £ 4.75


  70-Rice with minced lamb                     £ 5.50


  71-Chicken salad                                    £9.50


  72-Onion and tomato salad (V)                   £ 4.75


  73-Lebanese Pickles and olives: (V)          £ 4.95


  74-Cucumber yogurt salad: (V)                     £ 4.75


  75-Spicy Arabic salad: (V)                             £ 4.95


  76-Fattoush Salad: (V)                                   £ 5.50


 77-Greek salad: (V)                                         £ 5.95


  78-Lebanese salad: (V)                                 £ 5.50 


  79-Plain yogurt: (V)                                      £ 4.50


  80-Yogurt Drink: Ayran (V)                         £ 3.00


  81- French fries (V)                                      £ 4.25


 82-Mixed Vegetable (Sauté) (V)                  £ 5.50




   Baklawa (N), Selection of traditional pastries filled with nuts and syrup                                     £ 5.75


   Mouhallabieh (N), Lebanese pudding                                                                                        £ 4.25


   Knefeh (N), oriental cheesecake, served warm topped with syrup and rose water                   £ 5.50


   Fresh Seasonal Fruit -Selection of mixed fresh fruit                                                                £ 8.50


   Laklouka (N), Dates & roasted wheat flower pudding, topped with ground pistachio               £5.50


   Fresh Fruit Salad                                                                                                                     £ 9.50


   Natural Yoghurt with honey                                                                                                    £ 5.50




Service Charges not included

Please do not hesitate to ask for our Menu food allergy and intolerance Guide









Service Charges not included

Please do not hesitate to ask for our Menu food allergy and intolerance Guide




































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